Waterloo Wellington Surgical Program Council


Surgical Program Council Sponsorship

The Waterloo Wellington Surgical Program Council's sponsor organization is Grand River Hospital, with President and Chief Executive Officer, Malcolm Maxwell, acting as sponsor of the program.




Surgical Program Council Membership

As of February 2015 the membership of the WW Integrated Surgical Program Council includes:

Elaine Bain, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, Guelph General Hospital
Dr. Vic Chahal, Physician, Grand River Hospital
Barbara Guidolin, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, St. Mary's General Hospital
Dr. Phil Hanada, Physician, Grand River Hospital
Cathy Hurley, St. Mary’s General Hospital
Lynne Julius, Freeport Site Administrator, Grand River Hospital
Andrea Martin, Senior Director and Chief Nursing Executive, WW Community Care Access Centre
Malcolm Maxwell, President and CEO, Grand River Hospital
Karin Olson, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, Grand River Hospital
Dr. Jose Prudencio, Physician, St. Mary’s General Hospital
Heather Quesnelle, Chief Nursing Executive, Cambridge Memorial Hospital
Joyce Rolph, Senior Director Patient Services, Guelph General Hospital
Dr. Peter Stevenson, Chief of Surgery, Grand River Hospital
Kathy Tschirhart, Chief Nursing Executive, St.  Joseph’s Health Centre, Guelph
Diane Wilkinson, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, North Wellington Hospital

Additional patient and family representatives , as well as a representative from the primary care sector will be noted once details are confirmed. 



Surgical Program Council Purpose

The purpose of the Surgical Program Council is to develop plans and recommendations for the WWLHIN and health service providers which will improve the experience of patients receiving surgical care, improve the health of patients in need of surgical services and improve the value obtained from expenditures on surgical services.