Waterloo Wellington Integrated Rural Wellington Health Program


The goal of the Rural Wellington Health Advisory Council is to lead the planning, implementation and evaluation of efforts of local care providers to improve the delivery of rural health services to health care patients/clients in Rural Wellington communities.

The Council will champion strategies that will improve the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) wide Rural Wellington Health system through application of best evidence to improve access, consistency and standardization of care and processes where appropriate and improve the patient/client experience.

Please view the tab Rural Wellington Health Advisory Steering Committee website to view terms of reference, and other update information.


Council Sponsor: 
Wellington Health Care Alliance
(North Wellington Health Care [NWHC] and
Groves Memorial Community Hospital [GMCH])
Jerome Quenneville, President and CEO
NWHC  Phone 519.323.3333 x 2258
GMCH Phone: 519.843.5331 x 3200
Council Chair:
 Peter Kastner (Board Chair Canadian Mental Health Association)
Phone: 519.763-6514