Waterloo Wellington Integrated Cancer Program

Integrated Cancer Program Sponsorship

The Waterloo Wellington Integrated Cancer Program's sponsor organization is Grand River Hospital, with President and Chief Executive Officer, Malcolm Maxwell, acting as sponsor of the program.

WW Integrated Cancer Program Membership

As of February 2015 the membership of the WW Integrated Cancer Program is proposed to incude:

Eileen Bain, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, Guelph General Hospital
Karen Griffiths, Director, Canadian Cancer Society
Barbara Guidolin, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, St. Mary's General Hospital
Judy Linton, Vice President, Grand River Hospital
Greg Knight, Chief of the Cancer Program, Grand River Hospital
Andrea Martin, Senior Director and Chief Nursing Executive, WW Community Care Access Centre
Malcolm Maxwell, President and CEO, Grand River Hospital
Karin Olson, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, Grand River Hospital
Caryl Russell, Executive Director, Wellfit
Greg Seguin, Executive Director, Hopespring
Donna VanAllen, Director, Grand River Regional Cancer Program
Diane Wilkinson, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, North Wellington Hospital

Additional patient and family representatives , as well as an individual representative of the hospice sector will be noted once details are confirmed.