Welcome to Waterloo Wellington Integrated Health Programs

Welcome to our information site on our efforts to create and sustain integrated health programs in Waterloo Wellington.

Our Shared Leadership and Accountability Structure

A variety of leadership roles and accountabilities exist to integrate the Waterloo Wellington health system for its residents. The diagram below depicts the various leaders in the Waterloo Wellington health system, their relationships and accountabilities and how they interact.

  Sponsor Organization is Accountable to the WWLHIN for:

  • Providing facilitation and planning leadership of a specific integrated program (through accountability agreement), with recommendations to the CEO Network for advice and direction, and the LHIN for approval
  • Establishing Program Council, Terms of Reference and Work plan for submission to the WWLHIN
  • Providing overall coordination to system change initiatives, including ensuring system improvement goals, timelines, communications plans are developed
  • Providing updates on progress related to system improvement goals and timeline
  • Providing evaluation and performance monitoring of the integrated program

    Program Council is Accountable to the CEO Network, through the Sponsor Organization, for:

  • Identifying evidence and leading practice and common goals for patient outcomes
  • Identifying gaps in in the current delivery of care relative to leading practice, and developing strategies to close the gaps, including specific project plans and timelines
  • Establishing service standards for provider organizations with metrics and monitoring/reporting process
  • Activities within the regional care system are coordinated and contribute to system goals
  • Responding to LHIN and/or MOHLTC system planning requests
  • Supporting sponsor organization in achieving deliverables

    Timeline for Integrated Programs

    The Integrated Programs involve different resources and the efforts of many to initiate and sustain. Several Integrated Programs have been identified to date and their implementation has been scheduled over the next several years. The timeline for Integrated Program Council initiation is outlined below.

  • Integrated Council Resources

    Integrated Council resources include the Shared Decision Support group, and shared tools and templates that may be used by Integrated Program Sponsors and Integrated Program Councils as they plan their work, steer change, and monitor and report their progress. Councils build on the expertise of their Council members and also use many external resources to inform their work. These resources include:

  • national and provincial organizations that have established evidence-based practice standards,
  • international, national and provincial organizations that specialize in quality improvement
  • Communication

    Each Integrated Program Sponsor and Council communicates key information about its progress under the headings below. Please explore the work that is happening across the health care system in Waterloo Wellington.