Congestive Heart Failure Care Pathway

The following documents are available in the attached zip-file:

  1. CHF Care Pathway 
  2. CHF Care Pathway - Front line long version 
  3. CHF Care Pathway - Front line short version
  4. List of Appendices to support the CHF Care Pathway
  5. Resources for best practice and source of evidence for CHF
  6. CHF Powerpoint presentation
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix A - Understanding MET levels
Appendix B - New York Association Functional Classification
Appendix C - Hospital Elder Life Program
Appendix D - Hospital anxiety and depression scale
Appendix E - Montreal Cognitive Assessent (MoCA)
Appendix F - Smokers’ Helpline
Appendix G - Six minute walk test
Appendix H - Modified BORG RFP
Appendix I - CHF Patient Education Package
Appendix J - CHF Zones
Appendix K - Reintegration to Normal Living Index

For any questions, please contact:

Linda Brooks, Cardiopulmonary Stream Steering Committee Lead,