The following documents are available by clicking the link below.

  1. Amputation Care Pathway – Full version
  2. Amputation Care Pathway –  Front-line version
  3. Amputation  PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Resources for best practice and source of evidence for Amputation Care Pathway
  5. List of Appendices to support the Amputation Care Pathway
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. ABC Scale
  8. Locomotor Capabilities Index
Appendix A.   Referral Process
Appendix B.   Referral Forms
                              i.        GRH Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic
                            ii.       SJHCG Amputee Clinic
Appendix C.   Amputee Care Brochure
Appendix D.   Above Knee Amputation Post-op Education
Appendix E.   Below Knee Amputation Post-op Education
Appendix F.    Smoking Cessation and Helpline information
Appendix G.   Transtibial Residual Limb Edema/Shaping Documents
                              i.        Residual Limb Shaping (ACUTE)
                            ii.        Residual Limb Shaping (INPATIENT REHAB)
                           iii.        Residual Limb Shaping (CCAC)
                           iv.        Residual Limb Shaping (SAT)
                            v.        Patient Education (Elastic Stockinette/Manufactured Shrinker)
                           vi.        Patient Education Tensor Bandaging
Appendix H.   Specialized Amputee Clinic Assessment Form
Appendix I.      BKA Prosthetic Candidate Education
Appendix J.    AKA Prosthetic Candidate Education

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Stephanie Beadle, Frail Elderly/Medically Complex Stream Steering Committee member,